Quick Trick To Free Up Your iPhone Storage

iPhone storage

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve saved too many items on your iPhone and your storage space is so full that you can’t download that new app you want.

One Reddit user has figured out a smart way to free up storage space on your iPhone or iPad without needing to delete any apps or photos.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1:

Firstly, check the amount of space you have left on your device. You can check this by clicking “Settings” –> “General” —


Go to the movies section of the iTunes store and choose a large file to rent. Make sure the file is larger than the amount of leftover space on your phone.

Press “rent” and you will receive a notification saying there isn’t enough space on your device to download this film.

You will then get a choice to press “Ok” or ‘Settings”.

Just click on “Settings” to view your available storage again, and “tadaa”, you’ll see it’s increased.

How did you magically get more space?

It’s because your iPhone has automatically cleared unnecessary junk such as cookies, histories and other data from your apps in order to make more space for the movie.

Isn’t that awesome!

Waiting for a bit longer before hitting “Settings” on the prompt also appears to result in a more thorough clean.

A fellow Reddit user claimed to have recovered 4GB of space on their device.

While this is a pretty cool trick to get more space, you’ll need to be careful as if you had enough space to “download” the movie it will then charge you to rent it anyway, so use with caution.

Beware of Locky Ransomware

IT Security RansomwareAs we send and receive more and more emails regularly, the possibility of email scams and viruses compromising your IT and financial security is becoming a real threat to businesses.

For several years now, ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts files and demands a ransom for the decryption key has been on the steady increase.

In recent news, IT professionals have identified an even deadlier ransomware, dubbed “Locky” which is a type of malicious software that infects a computer and restricts users’ access to it until a ransom is paid to unlock it.

What Does Locky Look Like?

It usually comes in the form of an email with a word document or zip file attached that is presented as an invoice.

It may look something like the below:

Locky screenshot example












What Can Locky Do?

The reason the “Locky” ransomware is so dangerous is because if you open the attachment or the file, the Locky ransomware will encrypt your data files (locally and shared). It also has the ability to remove shadow copies (backup copies made by Windows).

This is how it attacks:

  • It usually arrives by email and the attachment is generally a Word document with macros.
  • Once a person opens document, the macros infect the computer.
  • It deletes any shadow copies that Windows has made and starts to encrypt the files.
  • Once finished, it opens a file called “_Locky_recover_instructions.txt” with notepad

Once Locky encrypts the data it asks for payment in order to retrieve your own data. Often businesses are in a vulnerable situation and are desperate to retrieve their data so they pay the ransom fee.


How Can I Protect My Business From Security Threats?


Look out for the red flags

Sender: It’s a red flag if the sender is not a recognised person or organisation, but  keep in mind that cyber criminals are increasingly using social media platforms to launch attacks with some relevant information about your friends and family.

Other Recipients: Being copied on an email with one or more people who are not personally known is a red flag.

Subject: Is the subject line relevant to the content? If it sounds odd or automatic, that’s a big red flag.

Content: Spelling mistakes, unusual phrases, bad grammar, and provocative content are all red flags.

Attachments: Look at the attachment and consider whether it’s something you expect or whether the sender would typically send this. If unsure, it’s always best to call the sender and double check.

Hyperlinks: Emails directing the recipient to click on a link is another red flag. One way to check the link is to hover over the hyperlink with the mouse to see if the address is for the correct website.

It’s always a good idea to call the sender and ask them if it is actually for you.

Make sure you have a good backup solution

We can never be too sure that we won’t be affected by such a ransomware, thus it’s important to have a strong backup system in place that backs up your data. If you know that your business needs daily data, then you must backup daily. If you know that your business creates important data hourly, then you should backup hourly. If you have a strong backup, you can recover your data without needing to pay the ransom.

Use an Effective Antivirus

Our customers are protected by some of the best products available in the marketplace and continue to ensure we are up to speed on how to get the most out of them.

As a managed service provider, we ensure that we take steps to protect the security of all our customers’ data. We update the Antivirus and run regular checks to identify any risks arising.

Educate Your Staff

It’s important that you educate your staff to be aware of suspicious emails.

You could create a checklist of dangerous signs that they should flag immediately.

End user education is now the most effective way to prevent these issues, the user is the easiest way to infect a client but education and a keen eye is the single best way to prevent any issues. When your team is aware of such threats they can take the necessary precautions, it is also very important that this training/education is ongoing, as the threat landscape is ever evolving and new staff are joining who haven’t been educated previously.

What is your business doing to stay safe from Locky and other security threats? If you are looking for advice on IT Security or want to hold a training session on security best practices, we can arrange that for you.

Friday 13th Not So Unlucky – CorrecTED Breakfast

On Friday 13th Correct Solutions held our first CorrecTED breakfast event at Microsoft’s office in Macquarie Park. Thankfully, there were no black cats around and there certainly was nothing but good luck and a vibrant atmosphere.
An 8 am start on a Friday does take a bit of effort, but 20 faces joined us bright and early and the atmosphere was thick with uplifting conversation.  We had coffee brewing and breakfast waiting for us (thanks to our partners at Microsoft).
With our bellies full of bacon, eggs and coffee we kicked off the morning with our TED style talks.
Business meeting

A great start to the event

Ivan Gavran from AltusQ

Ivan Gavran from AltusQ

Our first speaker, Ivan Gavran from AltusQ. Ivan is a business coach with years of experience helping businesses assess their current situations and adopt effective strategies and plans for success. At the CorrecTED breakfast he spoke about the different stages of the business growth cycle and how you can identify the ‘walls’ in each stage.

Next we heard from Chris Rowley (Webroot.) Chris discussed the importance of creating a business culture that is aware of security threats.
IT Security

Chris Rowley from Webroot

He showed us examples of the Australia Post scam and identified some of the signs that people should look out for:
  • Australia post doesn’t send emails with attachments about your postage
  • Be aware of the reply address in instances where the ‘from’ email address looks legitimate.
  • The fact that you didn’t order anything from Australia Post might also be a good sign.
On the business cultural side, he talked about implementing an IT security fire drill where the IT Manager sends out ‘fake virus looking emails’ to check how many people click on them.
Chris also stressed the importance of having a strong data backup system in place that includes offsite backup too.
Our final speaker was Mathew Delprado, A Director of The Loom, a Digital Consultancy in charge of product design and strategy. The Loom is a consultancy that helps companies, start-ups, schools and NFP organisations make digital ’things’.
The future technology

Matthew Delprado from The Loom

He took us on a road trip to the future of technology looking at how technology will change our lives in the upcoming years. A few laughs were had and lots of new contacts made between people from such diverse business backgrounds. It truly was a memorable morning and we would once again like to thank all those who helped make it a success in particular the presenters and our partner Microsoft.

We can’t wait till our next breakfast which will be held in July.
If you are keen to be invited please join our LinkedIn Group CorrecTED Breakfasts and you’ll get all the information.

Thinking Of Upgrading To Windows 10?

windows 10

Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade offer is expected to end on 29th July this year. If you’re currently running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 you might be considering whether you should upgrade.

Windows 10 provides many improvements and new functionality and it also brings back some of the Windows favourites. Let’s face it, the Windows 8 interface was always a bit awkward for users. Thankfully, Windows 10 avoids the same pitfalls by returning to a Windows 7 style desktop with a Start Menu that features optional live tiles for those who liked that addition to Windows 8.

Windows 10 is more cloud enabled and uses all the latest developments such as Cortana (Microsoft’s answer to Siri basically) in ways that make it easier for users to get their work done.

Windows 10 is also major step towards a unified platform that will see the same core software run across not only desktops including phones, tablets, servers and more. This will make it much easier to develop ‘universal apps’ common to all platforms from phone to Xbox to desktop.

So should you upgrade to Windows 10 if you’re a business?

For personal users it’s a much simpler migration, but for business users there are some precautions that should be taken.

It is recommended for business grade users to check what types of software are in their environment and whether they are compatible with Windows 10. Some software providers did not immediately encourage customers to migrate to Windows 10. Compatibility concerns were a high priority and the majority of suppliers are going through a systematic process of assessing how compatible their software is with the new version of Windows.

As a business you should obtain confirmation either from your IT provider or directly from the supplier as to the compatibility of the software with Windows 10.

Once you’ve taken the precautions and obtained the confirmation of compatibility, Windows 10 can be incorporated into your environment with less risk. The same advice holds true for printers and scanners which may require you to download new drivers to ensure that they operate effectively on the new version.

As any upgrade arrives, it is generally a good rule of thumb to prepare your organisation to adopt it in a planned and tested approach.

When undergoing any system update, ensure that you have all your data backed up. If you don’t have a data backup system, talk to our back up experts. As a business you can’t afford downtime.

If all this sounds complicated, we can help. Just drop us a line and ask of our out IT consultants to walk you through the process of updating your device.

Correct have a defined testing procedure that confirms your applications are suitable and upgrades your organisation to Windows 10 in the process.

If you are ready to make that switch, drop us a line and book your upgrade.

“I’m Outgoing, I’m Female, I’m Not Sheldon Cooper” – Meet Karen

On a Monday evening you might find Karen wandering the showgrounds of the Hills Dog Club with a few dogs and their owners. So, is she really a dog whisperer?

Well, she refers to herself as a ‘dog-owner trainer.’  Rather than training dogs, she helps the dog’s owners learn how to train their own dogs.

When she’s not training dog owners or motorbike riding, she is an IT whizz.

Karen has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. Karen chose a career in IT despite being aware that 20 years ago IT was a male dominated industry. It took some courage, some training and a passion for continuous learning and Karen is now well and truly an experienced IT support professional.

She recently joined the Correct Solutions family, so we thought we’d grab a bite and ask her about life.

What was your best ‘dog-trainer’ training moment?

The best story I have is about a 50kg mastiff named Angus that is very scared of people.

I spent 6 months slowly building his trust in me by not making eye contact, and leaving my hand out with a treat in it.  He slowly started taking the treat, then he started letting me touch him under the chin without looking at him.  Slowly, he allowed me look at him and touch him on the back.

Now he comes when I call him and he is best friends with my dog and treats my house as more of his own than his actual home.

Now that we know a bit about Karen’s awesome dog-training abilities, let’s talk a bit about IT.

Have you faced challenges as a female in IT?

There have been instances in the past where I have been underestimated as a female. It can be challenging when you need to ‘prove’ that you are just as capable of fixing a technical problem as a man is. However, I have been trying to change these perceptions throughout my career.  I’m glad that the IT industry is making progress in recent years in regards to hiring women and in adopting more gender diverse workplaces.

How do women add value to the IT industry?

Women look at things in a different way. Sometimes when there is a problem, I can come at it from a different angle. I find that women are often better with soft skills, body language and offer empathy to clients.

Giving IT the soft skills and the communication skills and giving IT a human face is really important.

I’m outgoing, I’m female. I’m definitely not Sheldon Cooper. I don’t seem like an IT person, but I am and that helps to change stereotypes.

Are businesses leveraging the power of technology?

It gives me great satisfaction knowing that technology plays such a big role in helping to grow businesses. While many companies still view IT as an expense, there are many more companies realising that IT protects their intellectual property and taking the initiative to invest in IT.

What is your most memorable IT achievement?

Whilst I have had so many career experiences and worked with businesses around the world in different industries, one of the most memorable achievements is not what you would expect.

Outside of my career, I train mature aged people to use computers. My oldest student is 98 years old! It’s such a great feeling when someone who has never used a computer learns how to use it.

One of my fondest achievements was helping a guy in his 60’s learn how to use skype. He had never before used a computer and when he first skyped his brother in South Africa, the look on his face was priceless. It is fantastic to be able to use my knowledge to help empower others to keep in touch with their families overseas.

Any Life Advice?

In life, you don’t need to know everything, but you need to know how to ask. Whether it’s dog training, teaching or work, always be humble enough to ask for help so that you can reach your potential.

Karen at a dog training seminar

Karen at a dog-training seminar